BARC Repeater information.

History: Earlier this year the 147.270 BARC repeater was moved from the Brock Mountain tower to the the K5GNT tower just south of Mountain View, AR. The move was due to interference from a paging system located on the same tower.

Current: The 147.270 is back on the Brock Mountain tower.

Changes: In an effort to prevent the past trouble the OUTPUT PL-Tone was changed from 94.8 to 91.5.

Effects: Any radio that has CTCSS set for an INCOMING  PL-Tone will need to be changed to PL-Tone 91.5

Note: The method to change the PL-Tone  should be covered in the instruction manual for your particular radio.

If you need assistance in setting/changing the PL-Tone you can contact AE5RU via text or email. His contact information is listed on the club membership roll.